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The 6 Best Casinos in Sparks, Nevada

Sparks is a small city situated in Washoe County, NV. The city was founded in 1905 and lies northeast of Reno.

Many people think that Sparks is part of the city of Reno, but it’s actually a separate city entirely.

If you’re looking for $2 Craps and more reasonably-priced gambling, Sparks is a great city with many up-and-coming casinos to try.

Here we look at some of the best casinos in Sparks, NV!

What is Sparks Nevada known for?

Until recently, Sparks Nevada was just known as a boring city next to Reno.

All that has changed!

Sparks now has 3,000+ slot machines and 110,000+ square feet of conference space to boast, making a name for itself as a cheaper rival to neighboring Reno.

It’s considered a very safe city to live in, especially when you get out to areas like Spanish Springs and Pyramid Lake. Central Sparks does have higher-than-average crime rates for NV, but it’s statistically safer than nearby Reno.

The state of Nevada housed 334 casinos in the year 2017, which increased to 441 by the year 2020. The main reason for such growth is down to the growth in Reno and the surrounding areas, including Sparks Nevada.

So without further ado, here are the best casinos in Sparks, NV!

Top 6 Casinos in Sparks, NV

1. Nugget Casino Resort

Based on the number of gaming machines and tables on the casino floor, the Nugget Casino Resort is the largest casino in Sparks, NV.

The casino floor boasts 84,000 square feet of space and the casino has multiple facilities:


  • 950+ gaming machines & slot machines
  • 5 dedicated poker tables
  • 30+ table games
  • 7 high-quality restaurants (different cuisines)

It’s not quite Vegas, but the Nugget Casino Resort has plenty of gambling options to choose from, and the choice of multi-cuisine restaurants just adds to its appeal.

Nugget Casino Resort Sparks, Nugget Ave, Sparks, Nevada 89431, USA

2. Rail City Hotel Casino

Rail City Casino is the second-largest casino in Sparks. The self-proclaimed “luckiest casino in town” (I doubt that) has 23,854 square feet of gambling space, and even boasts a dedicated resort spa.

Features include:

  • 900+ slot machines
  • 323 penny slots
  • Blackjack bonuses of up to 100:1
  • Single-deck Blackjack
  • Keno lounge
  • William Hill sports & race betting kiosk

This casino was opened New Year’s Day 1978, boasting an impressive restaurant and bar offering high-quality cocktails, burgers, and ice-cold beers.

The Ale House at the Rail City can serve you the high quality of the foods and drinks. The Ale House also offers multiple varieties of dining options of the buffet at City Café or scrumptious BBQ specials at the Ale House.

Rail City Poker 

Rail City Casino Sparks is known for its live-action poker table games, and 2 tables have been comfortably arranged for poker games. These tables are generally frequented by local tycoons – you need an advance booking to reserve one.

The poker tables are served food and cocktails on demand, and there are also specified smoking zones with TVs.

The Rail City Casino, Off the Lincoln Highway (I-80), Victoria Avenue, Sparks, Nevada, USA

3. Dotty’s Casino in Sparks, Nevada

Owned by Nevada Restaurant Services Inc. along with several other casinos in Reno and Sparks, Dotty’s Casino is an old-fashioned casino chain with tons of charm and character.

There are actually 5 different Dotty’s Casinos in Washoe County, including 3 casinos in Sparks.

Amenities at Dotty’s include:

  • Poker
  • Video slot machines
  • Keno games
  • Electronic gaming machines including U1s & Power-Vision
  • Large multi-cuisine restaurant
  • Resort spa

The electronic gaming machines have been updated regularly with the latest titles. Each game has been linked to a progressive jackpot system. The Dotty’s Casino chain includes the following locations in Sparks and Washoe County:

  1. Dotty’s 99 Casino and Restaurant – 144 Victoria Ave
  2. Dotty’s 47 Casino and Restaurant – 2473 Wingfield Hills Road
  3. Dotty’s 41 Restaurant – 5342 Sparks BI
  4. Dotty’s 20 Casino and Resort – 2142-2224 Oddie Blvd
  5. Dotty’s 27 – 533 E Prater Way

All of these locations are open 24/7!

4. Grand Sierra Resort

Situated on the border between Reno and Sparks, the Grand Sierra casino was opened in the year of 1978.

Officially, it’s in Reno. But it’s literally across the street from Sparks, so we’re including it in this list!


The Grand Sierra Casino has so much to offer its guests across its 63,584 square feet of gaming space:

  • Multi-denomination slot machines
  • Electronic bingo
  • Video gaming machines
  • Virtual Blackjack
  • William Hill Racing & Sportsbook
  • High Limit rooms
  • Poker room

If all that wasn’t enough, the Grand Sierra Casino Resort also has 10 restaurants, in addition to multiple nightclubs, movie theaters, swimming pools, and a golf driving range.

What more can you ask for?

Grand Sierra Resort, 2500 E 2nd St, Reno, NV 89595, United States

5. Sierra Sids Casino

Confusingly, another one of the popular casinos in Sparks also has “Sierra” in the title.

Started all the way back in 1970 as a full-service bar, Sierra Sids gradually blossomed into the casino-bar hybrid we see before us today. If you really want that laid-back vintage feel, this is the place to find it.

In Sierra Sids in Sparks, you can expect bar-top video poker, billiards tables, and plenty of booze to go round.

It’s just 1 block away from the famous Sparks Marina, which makes for a lovely photo spot!

Atomic Bootlegger Lounge

Sids also has an excellent lounge named the Atomic Bootlegger Lounge. This lounge has all the bells and whistles, including specialty cocktails, spirits, and a bunch of craft beers on tap. A bar menu is also serviced with tasty, quick eats such as snacks, breakfast sandwiches, burgers and fries, wings, and much more. 

A large size flat screen television is also available. Two billiards table attracts several guests from the city and it is always full throughout the day.

Sierra Sid’s Casino, 200 N. McCarran Blvd Sparks, Nevada 89341, USA

6. Baldini’s Casino

Baldini’s Casino is situated just a few minutes away from the famous Reno Strip. The casino is also very close to Downtown Sparks, Nevada, and can be reached walked to on foot, which is great if you don’t have a vehicle or prefer not to drive.

Baldini’s has recently got its hands on some of the latest slot machines in town, giving them the edge over other casinos in Sparks. However, they also have a grand selection of vintage slot machines, so there’s a fun atmosphere of modern-meets-old in this casino.

This casino in Sparks has several exciting tournaments and weekly/monthly promotional events. It’s a favorite of the locals and has been rated as the best casino in Sparks a few times now.

530+ slot machines

Groups of all ages enjoy Baldini’s Casino, which offers exceptional customer service and a friendly atmosphere. The overall feel of this place is very exciting and fun.

Baldini’s has over 530 slots, a comfortable sportsbook, and several cash promotions and sponsorships. A variety of video poker games and free gifts/ giveaways makes the environment patron-friendly too.


I hope you enjoyed this guide to the 6 best casinos in Sparks, NV!

While Sparks might not be as famous as its neighbor Reno, it is statistically much safer and cheaper to visit, which is why so many people are flocking to casinos in Sparks for their next vacation.

Happy gambling!

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