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What to Wear to a Casino (For Men & Women)

What is the dress code for a casino?

Luckily, most casinos don’t have a specific dress code that you have to follow. They want as many people gambling as possible, so unless you’re barefoot or wearing something obscene, you’re unlikely to be turfed out.

Still, what if you’re going to a dressier casino, attending an event, or just want to feel extra fancy?

Here are our tips for what to wear to a casino!

All casino dress codes are different

This guide will concentrate more on the fancier casinos of the world, but bear in mind that all casinos have different dress codes and expectations depending on their location, theming, and regular clientele.

Black-tie & formal (très chic events)

If you’re going to an event at the Luxury Wynn Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, you’re probably going to be as dressy as possible. Any event at an expensive and reputable casino should usually be considered a formal black-tie event.

Gentlemen should be in suits and ladies should be wearing appropriate dresses or formal outfits. Keep it classy!

Smart-casual (most casinos)

If you’re going for a weekend night out at Caesars in Atlantic City, you probably want to be smart-casual. Similarly, if you’re going to Vegas for a weekend and you’re staying at the cheaper or mid-level resorts, smart-casual outfits are very suitable if you want to fit in.

Gentlemen should go for jeans and a button-down shirt while ladies might want to wear an LBD or jeans with a nice top.

Casual (small casinos & betting shops)

Some places like Europe have small casinos on the high street that are mixed in with grocery stores and cafés. If you’re heading into one of these small casinos, there is very rarely any casino dress code expectations.

Gentlemen and ladies – wear whatever you want, so long as it’s practical and respectful.

Men – What should a guy wear to a casino?

Button-up (or button-down) shirt


First things first, choose a nice button-up shirt that feels smart yet casual. Avoid wearing colors like plain white unless you want to look like you’re heading to the office.

Try cool patterns like check, plaid, and pinstripes. If you’re not into patterns, try darker colors like Navy Blue and Burgundy that give you a smart look without feeling too office-ey.


Khaki pants

While they’re not exactly the height of fashion, a beautiful pair of khakis can go with anything. If you get the right pair, they can feel a little classier than jeans without sending you into formal slacks territory.

Just make sure that the shade you’re going for matches your skin tone and doesn’t wash you out – wearing very light khakis with pale skin can make you look like a ghost.

Slim-fitting jeans

Get a nice pair of jeans that go nicely with smart-casual button-down shirts. Generally speaking, they should be slim-fitting and black or darker shades of blue.

Guys, try to avoid baggy or loose-fitting blue jeans when you’re going out to a casino. I’ve been to Vegas plenty of times and the number of guys wearing awful jeans is painful.


A pair of loafers

A comfortable pair of loafers is essential for any gentleman wondering how to dress in a casino. While sneakers might be comfortable when you’re traveling and chilling out, you shouldn’t really wear them to a casino.

Decent leather (or faux leather) loafers are great for pairing with nice jeans and a button-down shirt for a great smart-casual look that you can wear to any casino. For a more modern fashionable twist, consider wearing them without socks.

Women – How should ladies dress for a casino?

Cocktail dress or LBD

If you want to dress up and feel a little fancy, then a conservative cocktail dress is a good option. Think about an LBD or the dress you’d wear to a wedding reception or friend’s birthday.

It should be classy and elegant, but not too revealing and not a gown designed for the Met Gala.

Obviously, the color of the dress is down to personal taste and what best matches your skin tone, but black is a naturally smart and universal dress color if you’re not sure.


Pullover or light jacket

Vegas casinos are air-conditioned to death most of the time. It may be 100 degrees outside, but it’s basically a fancy igloo inside. As such, you might want to pair your dress with a thin cardigan, pullover, or light jacket (denim, cotton, etc.) that you can wear if it gets too chilly.

The dress-jacket combination might not be the most fashionable in the world, but it should be enough to keep you warm!

Flats (gasp!) or short heels

Casino floors often have different levels and escalations, as well as a bunch of stairs, escalators, and moving walkways designed to get guests where they want to be.

Consider flats like dolly shoes or sandals for a more comfortable (yet classy) casino experience. If you can’t bear the thought of wearing flats, try a platform sandal, a comfortable wedge, or a small kitten heel.

Last time I was in Vegas, I saw several vending machines selling pairs of rolled-up flats for ladies. There’s a reason for that! A pair of 6-inch Louboutins might look fierce, but you’ll regret it VERY quickly.

Nice pair of jeans

If you want to be a bit more casual, try a pair of nice black or dark blue jeans. Slim-fit or skinny-fit are usually best, especially when paired with a flattering top.

A good pair of jeans can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the rest of your outfit, so they’re always a really versatile piece of clothing for women to wear in a casino.

Peplum Blouse

Designed to nip you in at the waist, a peplum blouse (also known as a “peplum top”) is a brilliant choice for an everyday casino attire look that is flattering and goes with the theme.

Peplum blouses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but try to stick to bright, fun, colorful designs that flatter you and feel a little more casual.

The goal is to look smart-casual WITHOUT looking like you’re heading to the office!


Although it’s rare to get turfed out of a casino for not dressing nicely enough, you will be frowned upon if you hang around a classy casino in shorts and sneakers, especially in the evening.

Casino dress codes are mostly common sense, like a lot of dress codes.

If you’re going out on the town in Vegas, you should probably dress up a bit. If you’re going to play video poker for 20 minutes on a Tuesday afternoon, you probably don’t need to get suited and booted.

Whatever you decide to wear to the casino, I hope you have fun and gamble responsibly!

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