Winners, Winners, Winners. At John Ascuaga's Nugget, we love to see people have a good time and win. And we celebrate with you when you do. Check out these recent winners!

Congratulations to our latest jackpot winners!

winner photo
Dee D. from San Jose, CA - December 30th, 2014
$43,807.05 SLOTS Winner!
winner photo
Sam R. from Reno, NV - December 20th, 2014
$2,727 CRAZY 4 POKER - Four Aces Winner!
winner photo
George S. from Sparks, NV - November 13th, 2014
$40,000 Double Keno Winner!
winner photo
Mary Ann G. from Spring Creek, NV - November 13th, 2014
$5,355 3 Card Poker Winner!
winner photo
Seok L. from Reno, NV and Rolland B. from Sparks, NV - October 25th, 2014
$5,000 Football Frenzy Winners!
winner photo
Sandra C. from San Jose, CA - October 19th, 2014
$10,000 "Get in the Game" Team Slot Challenge Winner!
winner photo
Nancy Jane C. from Redding, NV - October 12th, 2014
$9,465.25 Crazy 4 Poker, 4 ACES Winner!
winner photo
Michael P. from Reno, NV - September 30th, 2014
$18,288.00 Pai-Gow Poker, 5 ACES Winner!
winner photo
Sue C. from Sparks, NV - September 7th, 2014
$16,123.00 Pai-Gow Poker, 5 ACES Winner!